Index-tracking capability

Taquanta has a long track record of managing funds against published indices or proprietary benchmarks. We offer this form of fund management across the asset class spectrum. Tracking errors tolerances are agreed with the client but may also depend on the asset class being tracked, the size of fund and other factors. While we are proficient at providing low tracking errors, we are able to offer enhanced indexing where extra performance over a particular benchmark is desired. Here we use alpha transport, smart beta models as enhancements to the process. This offering can be constructed to be compliant with each client’s regulatory framework as required. We offer this product on a pooled or segregated basis.


Raphael Nkomo
Chief Investment Officer
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Ray Wallace
Fixed Income Strategist
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Monei Pudumo-Roos
Executive & Head: Distribution
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Taquanta Asset Managers (Pty) Ltd is a licensed Category I, Category II and Category IIA financial services provider in terms of section 8 of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 37, 2002 (licence number 618). Taquanta Securities is a member of the Johannesburg Securities Exchange.

There are risks associated with investments in financial products, including market, credit & currency risks. Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance.

Taquanta Asset Managers (Pty) Ltd

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