Our clients

Taquanta is an institutional only investment manager, managing funds on behalf of institutional clients such as retirement funds, medical schemes, multi-managers, other managers, wealth management firms, insurance firms, corporates and other entities, such as trusts. A focus on institutional clients only allows us to innovate custom products that are specific to the dynamics of institutional client needs and objectives – both on a pooled fund and segregated basis.

Taquanta has a strategic commercial relationship with Nedgroup Investments. We are the appointed Best of Breed™ investment manager of Nedgroup Investments’ (NGI’s) cash, fixed income and passive balanced solutions. Under this appointment, Taquanta currently manages:

  • 4 unit trusts that make up NGI’s cash solutions offering
  • 1 unit trust that forms part of NGI’s fixed income offering
  • 3 unit trusts that form of part of NGI’s passive balanced offering