Our history forms the foundation of our experience, specialist expertise and track record

Taquanta was cultivated from mergers and acquisitions of several businesses over more than two decades. This combination of expertise and experience in bank treasury management, quantitative investment management and stockbroking forms the foundation of our enviable track record across our offerings.

How Taquanta was established

There is a merger between:

  • Syfrets
  • UAL Merchant Bank
  • Nedbank Investment Bank

The merged business is restructured to form:

  • Nedbank Treasury Asset Management
  • Nedcor Treasury Management Services
  • NIB Securities

Taquanta – an empowerment consortium – acquires minority stakes in the three restructured businesses and rebrands them:

  • Nedbank Treasury Asset Management to Taquanta Asset Managers
  • Nedcor Treasury Management Services to Taquanta Treasury Solutions
  • NIB Securities to Taquanta Securities

Taquanta Investment Holdings, which is independent of the Nedbank Group, is established following a partially vendor-financed BEE transaction including management

At the time, the newly established firm is owned by several participants of the original Taquanta consortium as well as founding management


The vendor financing put in place to facilitate the buyout from the Nedbank Group is repaid in full


Taquanta Treasury Solutions is sold to its management


An employee share ownership scheme is established, creating an opportunity for employees to participate in ownership of Taquanta

Eleven employees are allocated direct equity ownership in the business, joining founding management as shareholders


Taquanta Investment Holdings acquired 100% of Ngwedi Investment Managers issued share capital.

This is the deal that saw the coming together of the two formidable investment teams to form an even more transformed, scalable, dynamic, and sustainable business.

Taquanta only renders financial services with clients by means of formal communication channels and does not sell or advertise any investment opportunities via social media channels such as WhatsApp or Facebook etc. Please be cautious of individuals who may fraudulently attempt to solicit business or investments by impersonating or claiming to be an associate or representative of Taquanta. If you are unsure about whether an individual is authorised to render financial services for Taquanta or not, please contact us on 021 6815100 or crm@taquanta.com to verify the identity of the individual concerned