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About the Disability Empowerment Concerns Trust (DEC)

The DEC is a broad-based empowerment investment trust

It has six beneficiaries who are national non-profit organisations of persons with disabilities in South Africa:

  1. Deaf Federation of South Africa
  2. South African National Council for the Blind
  3. The South African Disability Development Trust
  4. National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities
  5. Epilepsy South Africa
  6. The South African Federation for Mental Health

In its current form, DEC represents the interests of millions of South Africans with disabilities – a majority of whom are black.

The six beneficiary organisations lobby and advocate for inclusion, integration, mainstreaming and self-representation of persons with disabilities in all aspects of society, including:

  • Recognition and protection of human rights
  • Personal advancement through access to bursaries for basic, further and higher education, as well as training and skills development opportunities accessed via learnerships, apprenticeships and internships
  • Economic empowerment through formal gainful employment, business/entrepreneurship, and enterprise development

It provides financial support to its beneficiaries via a diversified investment portfolio

DEC’s primary mandate is to develop a sizable diversified portfolio of investments that, over time, can yield a significant and sustainable income stream for these beneficiary organisations.

To fulfil its mandate, DEC invests in various enterprises, including Taquanta, where they are the largest shareholder with a direct unencumbered equity ownership of 33.4%. All yield (less capital gains, operating costs and annual income tax) generated by DEC from its investments is distributed equally to the beneficiary organisations. Since 2004, when distributions were initiated, over R100 million has been distributed by DEC. Dividend income earned from DEC’s investment in Taquanta has been a significant proportion of these distributions, amounting to more than R40 million over the past five years.

In addition to investment income, DEC also facilitates direct CSI contributions to its beneficiary organisations.

Visit www.dectrust.co.za for further information.


Workbiz Trading (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of The Matlhalerwa Family Trust, which is a trust for the benefit of Dr Vincent Maphai, erstwhile Non-Executive Director of the Board, and his family.

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