We are an independent JSE securities broking business

Taquanta Securities, a subsidiary of Taquanta Investment Holdings, is a full, cross-market member firm of the JSE founded in 1995. We offer institutions, corporates and high-net-worth individuals access to the bond and interest rate derivative markets, the equity and equity derivative markets, as well as the currency derivative market through relevant, added-value solutions.

Why trade with us

Established specialist team

We are a vastly experienced and specialist team, with an average of over 20 years’ market experience per team member. These skills enable us to offer our clients the best execution abilities.

Agency-only business

We are an agency-only business, which allows us to provide unbiased research and focused execution for clients, without any conflict.

Our divisions

  • Equity and equity derivative securities
    • JSE Equity and SAFEX member
    • Specialist execution equity broker, leveraging off longstanding relationships with leading South African institutional fund managers
  • Equity portfolio management
    • Manages substantial client equity portfolios on a
      segregated basis
    • Experienced team, employing a tailored approach
    • Our ‘Invest for life’ philosophy focuses on the long term
  • Bonds and interest rate derivative securities
    • Member of the JSE Bond and Interest Rate Derivative Market
    • Extensive knowledge and relationships across all
      markets enable us to provide accurate pricing and to execute trades and risk efficiently
    • Independence allows for best price aggregation and discovery, disseminated to the market and clients via proprietary software
  • Currency derivative securities
    • Pioneer and market leader in this market
    • Member of the JSE Currency Derivative Market
    • Winner of the JSE Spire Award – Volumetric Best JSE Currency Broker (2011)
    • Extensive and deep relationships with domestic and international banking participants in the forex market enable us to deliver best price and liquidity solutions


Peer Iuel
Managing Director
Tel: +27 (0) 21 681 5111
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Taquanta Securities (Pty) Ltd Member of the JSE Limited