Investment approach

The pillars of our fixed income investment process

We focus on team-based decision making and a robust credit analysis process, supported by our investment in systems.

Our team-based approach delivers many business and client benefits

At Taquanta, every member of the investment team – regardless of seniority – actively participates in the investment decision-making process. We believe this approach offers the benefits of robust debate, elimination of key person risk, skills sharing and mentoring.

Robust credit analysis is the cornerstone of our approach

We believe that fixed income is primarily a lending business, where it is crucial to understand an issuer’s ability to service debt and the return of investors’ capital. The decision to invest in a fixed income security begins with a credit assessment of the issuer.

Our investment in systems enable us to be efficient when we implement investment decisions and is therefore fundamental to our investment process. This systematic approach continues to help us build a scalable and sustainable business.