Taquanta Investment Holdings

Taquanta Investment Holdings is an independent black-owned financial services group offering investment management services. As an innovative leader in the industry, Taquanta is breaking out of the industry’s homogeneous mould and harnessing the collective energy, experience and expertise of our dedicated professionals to produce ground-breaking solutions that offer more flexibility and innovation for clients. Inherent in our way of doing things, is a truly collaborative approach that offers certainty and more value to all stakeholders. At our core, we are a set of accountable, trustworthy and ethical professionals that deliver tangible value to clients.

Our business

Taquanta asset managers

We are one of the largest independent specialist fixed income managers

Armed with the enviable track-record of being regarded as South Africa’s leading cash asset manager, we have gradually and deliberately broadened our investment universe across the spectrum of fixed income strategies. As a result, Taquanta is one of the country’s only independent specialist fixed income managers.


Taquanta only renders financial services with clients by means of formal communication channels and does not sell or advertise any investment opportunities via social media channels such as WhatsApp or Facebook etc. Please be cautious of individuals who may fraudulently attempt to solicit business or investments by impersonating or claiming to be an associate or representative of Taquanta. If you are unsure about whether an individual is authorised to render financial services for Taquanta or not, please contact us on 021 6815100 or crm@taquanta.com to verify the identity of the individual concerned