We pride ourselves on offering clients a solution-driven approach designed, implemented and managed by a team of experienced investment professionals with a diverse skill set.

We have a long-standing tradition of blending both fundamental and rules-based techniques across all asset classes, with a specialist ability in fixed income strategies.

What competitive advantage do we offer our clients?

We work with our clients to deliver successful solutions. We provide:

A strong track record

Taquanta has a strong track record across specialist fixed income and multi-asset class strategies

Commitment to sustainable transformation

Our commitment to sustainable transformation of the business and industry

A solution-driven approach

Our solution-driven approach that we customise to meet clients’ investment objectives

A systematic investment process

A systematic investment process that ensures a scalable business model

A collaborative team-based approach

A highly skilled and experienced team, with insightful institutional memory that employs a true team-based approach

Size, scale and sustainability

We have in excess of a 200bn of assets under management, spread across roughly 134 portfolios. Our investment process is highly automated and is backed up by a highly scalable in-house administrative capability. Collectively resulting in a sizeable, scaleable and sustainable business model.

Asset sourcing capability

Our asset sourcing capability, which is enhanced by long-standing relationships with key industry stakeholders, such as issuers and banks

Low cost

Our solutions are offered at competitive costs, owing to a systematic approach

Efficient client service

Our in-house portfolio administration ensures effective client service

Taquanta only renders financial services with clients by means of formal communication channels and does not sell or advertise any investment opportunities via social media channels such as WhatsApp or Facebook etc. Please be cautious of individuals who may fraudulently attempt to solicit business or investments by impersonating or claiming to be an associate or representative of Taquanta. If you are unsure about whether an individual is authorised to render financial services for Taquanta or not, please contact us on 021 6815100 or crm@taquanta.com to verify the identity of the individual concerned