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Unparalleled Expertise in Cash Management

At Taquanta, we are dedicated to delivering superior returns compared to traditional bank deposits and industry cash benchmarks while emphasising the safety of client capital.

We offer a range of cash management solutions tailored to the diverse needs of investors, including institutional clients and corporate entities.

With over two decades of experience, Taquanta excels in optimising cash flow forecasting, liquidity positions, and investment decisions, crafting efficient enhanced cash strategies to suit each client's specific requirements.

We offer 3 Broad Solutions

Packaged individually or in a customised combination

Bank Call Rate

Money Market / Liquid Cash

Call + 100bps p.a.

Liquidity management

High levels of daily liquidity

Low risk

Working capital requirements

Core/ Enhanced Cash

Call + 150bps p.a.

Core or enhanced cash management

Strategic cash reserves

Low risk

Income generation

Active, Stable & Enhanced Income

Call + >200 bps p.a.

Cash Solutions Fund Fact Sheets

Income Solutions

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Rules-based Solutions

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