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Income Solutions

In addition to cash management, we specialise in income and private credit solutions.

We understand that investors have varying goals, such as steady income, capital preservation, or capital growth. To meet these objectives, we offer three comprehensive solutions: Stable Income Fund, Active Income Fund, and Enhanced Income Fund.

These funds cater to clients with different investment time horizons and risk tolerances, providing a range of income-generating opportunities while managing capital volatility and credit risks effectively.

We offer 3 income solutions for investors seeking stable, higher returns than traditional money markets

Packaged individually or in a customised combination. Backed by our strong credit analysis, differentiated by asset universe.

Targeted returns above money market, with little capital volatility

Jibar +200 bps p.a.

Stable income

Cash and money market, inflation-linked, credit-linked, structured notes, swaps & securitisation

Medium risk


Targeted returns above stable income through access to a greater universe

Jibar +250 bps p.a.

Active income

Stable income universe, listed property, preference shares, convertible bonds, foreign fixed income.

Medium risk


Attractive risk adjusted returns, through the inclusion of corporate paper 

Jibar +300 bps p.a.

Enhanced income

Active income universe, mezzanine and senior debt, infrastructure debt, subordinated real estate.

Medium risk

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