Sustainable Transformation

“Making responsible decisions is our top priority at Taquanta. We strive to be agents of positive change in an industry that is in need of transformation. For us, transformation goes beyond improving a score-card; it's about creating a truly transformed sustainable business that can stand the test of time.

This unwavering commitment to responsibly and continuously drive change brings our purpose to life.”

- Taquanta CEO, Justin Kretzschmar

Our Changing of the Guard Strategy

Boutique asset managers primarily depend on a few key individuals - invariably, the founders. As a risk-mitigating measure and to ensure Taquanta's long-term sustainability, we devised the Changing of the Guard Strategy in 2017.

By developing and ultimately passing the torch onto a younger, predominantly previously disadvantaged, capable team, and by continuously incentivising them with equity, this strategy bears testament to our purpose -- true sustainable transformation.

Taquanta is all about people and the impact we can make on them.

These include our clients, employees, shareholders, beneficiaries, partners, and communities.

  • We employ a collaborative team-based approach to everything we do.
  • Our owner-managed culture defines us. It ensures accountability and alignment at every level.
  • We focus on leveraging the diverse skills of our team members to ensure optimal investment outcomes and reduce dependencies on any one individual.
  • We rely on long-standing, healthy, and mutually-beneficial relationships with all our stakeholders.
Disability Empowerment Concerns Trust (DEC). Our largest and longest-standing shareholder.

Through DEC, we play an active role in uplifting the lives of South Africa’s most marginalised and under-served citizens. Since 2004, over R100 million has been distributed by DEC to persons with disabilities, mainly thanks to Taquanta’s dividends.

Enterprise Development

Taquanta is a funder of ASISA’s Enterprise and Supplier Development Fund, which provides business acceleration and investment support to high-potential emerging enterprises.


We are on a quest to use CSI to make a meaningful impact on the social, environmental and economic well-being of our immediate community and society at large. Our primary focus is uplifting the education of previously disadvantaged individuals. To this end, we have contributed in excess of R8 million over the last five years.

Skills Development

We believe in nurturing young talent and see training as a key factor for our success. Combined with employee training, Taquanta also funds students at TSiBA and the Hein Wagner Academy for the visually impaired.

Black Ownership

Taquanta is majority black-owned with direct shareholding owned by individuals and groups representing the previously disadvantaged.