Why Taquanta

Why Taquanta

We offer tailor-made solutions across multiple asset classes, designed and implemented by a diverse, passionate, and experienced team.
We are a significant participant in the local structured note market, positioned to design and implement market-leading yield strategies.
We have a distinct in-house administrative capability that offers clients unparalleled investment flexibility.
We follow a disciplined investment process, which ensures greater scalability and team collaboration.
We offer unrivalled liquidity in our cash solutions without compromising investment yield.
We are committed to sustainable transformation and use this as a compass when making company decisions.

Our Investment Approach

We develop

customised solutions

With a deep pool of treasury skills,

we pride ourselves on innovation - particularly in debt instruments

We strive for long-term sustainable alpha

through bespoke sourcing and structuring

Our solutions range is underpinned

by a robust credit process and ESG integration

We embody a team-based culture

with individual accountability

Customised Solutions Yield Enhancement
Treasury Skills Innovation
Bespoke Sourcing & Structuring ESG Integration
Robust Credit Process
Team-Based Culture Accountability

Our Investment Philosophy


We believe that a balanced risk-adjusted approach that emphasises stable returns and absolute (or relative) capital preservation delivers superior investment performance


Market timing and point-forecasting simply don’t work. We rather concentrate our effort on economic scenario planning and the sourcing of assets which are likely to maintain their performance across these planned scenarios.


We believe a long-term strategy is the best way to build and preserve our clients’ financial security. Every investment is made with a long-term view.


When structuring portfolios, we aim to include asset classes and investment strategies that perform differently over various business cycles. This diversification technique can help reduce risk.

Our Investment Process

Significant reliance on sourcing and structuring dependable yield.

Our Investment Process

Taquanta employs a solution-driven methodology.

Every solution is underpinned by our client’s unique needs, risk tolerances and return expectations.

We pride ourselves on extracting excess yield across the fixed-income spectrum. This yield is either applied directly to individual fixed-income strategies or transported to enhance all other asset classes so as to generate more predictable long-term excess returns.

Through innovative thinking, powerful technology and many years of experience in both structuring and directly procuring assets, we have developed a highly efficient and dependable source of investment alpha.

As one of the largest funders of the local banking industry, we have prioritised access to a significant pipeline of all asset classes, and our entire offering is anchored to a robust credit process complemented by a rigorous and thorough ESG framework.

  • Systematic scenario planning
  • Liquidity management
  • Bespoke asset sourcing
  • Innovative structuring
  • Asset repacks
  • Robust credit analysis 
  • ESG overlay 
  • Ongoing quantitative scenario analysis
  • Ongoing risk attribution & monitoring 
  • Yield-based alpha is extracted and applied into specific strategies or across multiple portfolios
  • Yield-based alpha is transported to enhance equity and bond beta strategies
  • Cash & Income Solutions
    - Money Market, Active & Enhanced Income 

  • Rules-based Solutions
    - Portable Alpha Equity & Bonds

Success, backed by accolades earned

Success, backed by accolades earned

Investing & ESG

We are fully committed to integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into our investment decision-making process.

We recognise the importance of responsible investing to generate sustainable long-term value for our clients and all our stakeholders. We assess the ESG factors of each of our investee companies primarily through our robust and stringent credit review process.

Taquanta maintains and adheres to a comprehensive firmwide ESG & Impact Policy which is reviewed annually.

In addition, we have the following policies in place:

  • Proxy Voting Policy
  • Taquanta Corporate Governance Policy
  • Taquanta Conflicts of Interest Policy

A key element of our reporting to clients on the impact of ESG implementation in our investment processes includes an ongoing analysis of changes in the impact on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by their portfolio investments.